Welcome to the alternate site intended for use by homeowners of the Telemark Lodge in Copper Mountain Colorado. The purpose of this site is so that homeowners may communicate freely with each other as a group in blog format without the need for moderation approval. It is intended as a sounding board for those who would like to post comments , concerns and suggestions about our great building and it’s community while remaining completely anonymous.

Please take a moment to register so that you may begin posting. It takes only a minute and no personal information is required with the exception of an email.

This blog was created by homeowners who love the Telemark Lodge and it’s community and believe that only through uninhibited and honest communication can we make our building the best it can be!

For obvious reasons topics regarding security-sensitive issues such as pass codes, specific financial information and other confidential issues regarding the Telemark Lodge and it’s homeowners should be avoided and correspondence of this nature should be addressed to the secure site here as this site is open to any and all that would like to comment although we ask please that only actual homeowners register.

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